About US

4D Young Professionals which is a social responsibility project that has since 2014 been carried out by the Fourth Dimension (4D) Academy is a platform that focuses on development, performance and , career. It provides young professionals with the opportunity that the experts before them convey knowledge and experience to them and that they can produce projects beneficial both to each other and to society.

It is for young professionals aged between 22-35 who have already taken their first steps into business life, who are eager to learn from others' experience and convey own experiences to the next generations, aware of their responsibilities for the world, and seek for fulfilling them.

We believe that every living being in nature is able to create a value and that humans, as the most unique and dynamic being of that cycle, must focus on both individual and societal value-creating spheres.

With this point of view, we maintain 4D GPK aimed at developing human resources in business life among the other differentiating societal needs such as education, health, environment etc.

We propose to help professionals of the future have work mentality of adding value in their business and provide lasting values for the institution they work for, their society and themselves.

You are a young professional aged between 22-35 and had first steps into the business life,

Personal and vocational development is important for you,

You are eager to learn from others' experience and convey your experience to the next generations,

You are aware of responsibilities for the world and seek for fulfilling them,

In order to gain new point of views enriched by universal values, take a step and join YOUNG PROFESSIONALS.

Remember; we understand ourselves while we express ourselves; we grow and get richer when we share.

4D Academy founded by Trainer, Mentor, Expert (mobbing) and Author Çağlar Çabuk provides individual and corporate training and development services with its expert and experienced professional mentors.

4D Academy helps knowledge reach all layers of the society by being involved as partner in the respectable private sector corporations' and entities' solution-seeking processes for training, development and governance, and by cooperating with universities and governmental bodies.

With the motto 'I know therefore I am', 4D Academy maintains practices with the aims of conveying and sharing accurate knowledge with the target group in the most appropriate manners.

4D Academy provides training and mentoring services in the areas such as leadership development programs, professional coaching, human resources management, moderator training, individual and vocational competence development trainings, prevention of psychological harassment (mobbing) in the workplace, and institutional social responsibility practices.

· "What is the Current Situation of Struggle Against Mobbing in Turkey?" surveys conducted among Human Resources professionals and managers in 2012 and 2014 (www.forumobing.net)

· FORUM MOBBING meetings held in 2010, 2012, 2014 that were open to public participation and free (www.forumobing.net)

· “Many A Little Makes A Mickle” meetings for Human Resources and Business Professionals to share knowledge and experience (hosted by the Isık University between November 2013-May 2014)

· Mini-books, presentation files and videos shared via 4bakademi.com/Sources about personal development, communication, quality management and coaching for HR professionals, coaches and those who are interested in coaching 

For details: 4bakademi.com